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Proudly Helping Yogi's Fall in Love with Yoga since 2017

Built with Heart & Love

    SoulShine Yoga Studio was built by hand and purposely and designed with you in mind....that rhymes :-) Anyhoo we put SoulShine in one of the nicest parts of town, and kept our prices below the average studio to build a yoga community where ALL will feel welcome. We have 200 lighted parking spots, an art gallery and a FREE coffee bar SoulShine Organic Hawaiian Coffee enjoy it with us or take a cup with you! Also fresh infused fruit and herb H2O is served daily...

    With 22 classes a week why would you not give SoulShine a try?? I think if you take a look around our website and better yet come see us in person you'll instantly know this is where you belong. 

    We are so blessed to have the most talented and passionate instructors from all around :-) 

We proudly believe that yoga is not confined to a box and there are too many amazing types of yoga to do just one! We believe given a chance that you will enjoy our variety of classes and instructor styles so much that SoulShine might just become that place in York to "get away to" if only for an hour or two!

                                                    FIRST CLASS ALWAYS $5 ONLY

    We look forward to spending many years doing what we have found that makes our Souls Shine and better yet yours!

See you soon, on the mat....Namaste

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